VIVE Women in VR Panel

Last year, Vive hosted a “Women in VR” panel featuring female founders and developers as they shared stories, challenges and lessons learned from working in technology and virtual reality.

This event helped to further the Supergirl Pro mission of showcasing the achievements of female professionals, especially in male dominated endeavors. The discussion was lead by HTC Vive Project Manager, Lynne Cheng, and panelists included Ryan Pulliam, co-founder and CEO of Specular Theory, Sally-Anne Kellaway, Creative Director at OSSIC, Carrie Shaw, Founder of Embodied Labs, and Wanda Meloni, analyst and market strategist.


2017 Speakers Include:

Ryan Pulliam

Ryan Pulliam is the co-founder and CMO of Specular Theory,  an award-winning immersive entertainment and game studio based in Venice Beach, CA that creates and distributes cutting-edge, premium and authentic experiences for VR/AR and mixed media.  Ryan was named Top 20 Women in VR by Digital LA and is a frequent guest speaker on a number of VR and women in tech panels including Further Future, TEDx, Singularity University, NAB show and CES. She is a published expert in two books including What is Virtual Reality and the Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom, which was named Top Business Book by The Library Journal. Ryan is also an avid kitesurfer and member of the VR Society Steering Committee, The Women’s CLUB of Silicon Valley, MaiTai Global and Summit Series.

Sally-Anne Kellaway

Sally-Anne Kellaway is the Creative Director at OSSIC, and is the biggest technical audio nerd you’ll ever meet. This brings together some of Sal’s favourite things – daydreaming, evangelising cool things, organising things and Audio Design for VR. Sal is still riding the VR hype train be- cause she believes VR is the future of entertainment, or the world in general. Sal is enabling this future by founding the Virtual Reality Content Creators network for Australia (VRCC_AUS) and the IGDA Special Interest Group for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities.

Carrie Shaw
Carrie Shaw, a medical illustrator and health educator, is passionate about the intersection between art, science, and technology. She has a particular interest in conveying the first-person perspective of vulnerable patient populations through virtual reality storytelling. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.S. in Public Health, Carrie joined the Peace Corps as a Health Education volunteer and lived in the Dominican Republic where she taught reproductive health to youth and worked as a medical translator. During this time she discovered that art as a teaching tool for health education can cross all cultural and language barriers. Carrie went on to pursue a Master’s of Science at the University of Illinois Chicago in Biomedical Visualization. In 2016, she founded her company Embodied Labs, with the goal of revolutionizing the way health care providers, caregivers, and patients learn about human health.

Wanda Meloni

Wanda Meloni is an analyst and market strategist, working with top digital media, entertainment and enterprise companies for over 15 years. Focused on interactive and emerging trends in media, games and platform development, she had a deep understanding of content development, emerging platforms/tech/games, communities, and customer engagement. Wanda Meloni has worked with some of the top companies in games, entertainment, graphics and enterprise including Sony, Intel, Atheer, nGrain, Digital Domain, Adobe, Autodesk, and Dolby with their market sizing, developer trends, and strategy planning.


Lynne Cheng is a project manager for HTC Vive. Before joining the Vive team, Lynne worked with various education nonprofits including AmeriCorps, KIPP Public Charter Schools and Girls Who Code. She has passion for technology where it meets education, learning, and diversity initiatives. She has made it her mission to forward diversity and inclusion in the VR industry by encouraging conversation from diverse backgrounds in the shaping and development of virtual reality. Her favorite VR experiences include Allumette, Space Pirate Trainer and Tilt Brush.