2011 Supergirl Pro Junior: Oceanside, CA

One week after claiming the US Open of Surfing Pro Junior title, Lakey Peterson (Santa Barbara, CA) rose above the field of top surfers in Oceanside, California today to win the 4th Annual Supergirl Pro Junior. Sixteen of the world’s best 20-and-under female surfers took to the waves to battle for the richest purse on the Circuit, with Lakey Peterson claiming the $2,500 top prize. Malia Manuel (Wailua, HI), Leila Hurst (Kilauea, HI) and Nagé Melamed (Hanalei, HI) rounded off the top competitors in second, third and fourth place, respectively.

Official Results—2011 Supergirl Pro Junior
1st   Lakey Peterson
2nd  Malia Manuel
3rd   Leila Hurst
4th   Nage Melamed
5th   Quincy Davis
6th   Alessa Quizon
7th   Taylor Pitz
8th   Naomi Stevic
9th   Kaleigh Gilchrist
10th Lani Doherty
11th  Bailey Nagy
12th  Meah Collins
13th  Haley Watson
14th  Catherine Clark
15th  Jasset Umbel
16th  Shelby Detmers

The only 6-Star ASP Pro Junior contest in North America, the Supergirl Pro Junior is the first event in the 2011 Supergirl Jam— the action sports industry’s only large-scale, all-female competition and lifestyle event series. The series, designed to promote female empowerment, strength and independence, closes its 2011 run August 21, where the top female athletes in skateboarding and snowboarding will compete in Venice Beach.

Peterson started strong in the finals with a 6.33 and a 7.67, then improved with a 7.87 to
edge out Malia Manuel and take a commanding lead to win the event. Melamed, who was a
wild card as a rookie at Supergirl Pro Junior, earned her stripes claiming fourth, just behind the Supergirl vets that took first through third.

“I just want to congratulate Lakey. She surfed really well,” said Malia Manuel who took
second. “I’m just happy to be here. It’s a very prestigious contest, the only 6-Star Junior
event for the girls— with the largest prize purse and a great opportunity to earn valuable
points for the World Tour.”

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