Skylar Stecker is coming off a prolific year in which she released the signature editi on of her debut album “This Is Me,” undertook two national tours, sung the Star Spang led Banner to over 100,000 people in her original home state of Wisconsin’s Lambeau Field, recorded the theme song to Disney’s RDMA’s “Cherry on Top,” and hit no. 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart with “Sweet Dreams,” her collaboration with the electronic duo JX RIDERS.


Showing no signs of slowing down in 2017, Skylar has been named Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing” and launched her new single “Only Want You.” She is also featured in iHeart Radio’s & Macy’s “Rising Star” campaign as well as recorded the title theme/end credit song in the Warner Bros. film “Everything, Everything.”


Signed to Cherrytree Records on the spot after a sold-out show at The Roxy in Hollywood in 2013, Skylar has been impressing audiences with her powerful pipes and emotive vocal delivery ever since. In 2015, she was even invited to perform on NBC’s Today Show as Elvis Duran’s featured artist.


Building on all this success, in December 2016, Skylar embarked on another musical adventure.


“So much of my favorite music has come out of Atlanta so I was already excited to be there, but I was really over the moon about working with these legendary producers who had heard my music.”


Indeed, the buzz on Skylar and her distinctive voice had attracted the attention of some Atlanta music royalty, namely supers Dallas Austin(Pink, TLC, Madonna), Tricky Stewart(Rihanna, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige) and Sean Garret (Usher, Fergie, Beyoncé). And, during that fateful end-of-the-year visit, Skylar made a pilgrimage to each of their studios where the magic began to unfold.
“Skylar’s such a star, recounts Austin. “Her voice is amazing. She lights up any room that she enters withher energy and presence.” Garrett concurs: “Skylar is so impressive. She reminds me of an early Mariah with that huge shot at being next to blow!”


“Working with Skylar was an amazing experience,” adds Stewart. “I don’t hear voices like hers everyday but the ones that I have heard on this level have all become massive stars. I’m anticipating the same for Skylar.”


In fact, it was in the session with Stewart that Skylar created her brand new single “Only Want You” – a futuristic amalgam of Tom Tom Club, early Mariah Carey and bouncy Bruno Mars all laced with Skylar’s trademark, effervescent vocals.


“There was so much energy in the studio. We couldn’t help but pour it into ‘Only Want You,” recalls Skylar.


So much so, that when she returned to her new home in Southern California, she came up with an exciting idea.
“I told my manager ‘I’m so excited about this song that I want to go out and sing it in the street at the top of my lungs,” remembers Skylar. “In fact, I’d like to sing it walking right down Hollywood Boulevard,” she continues, “and that’s just what we did.”


With one camera and in one continuous take, Skylar brought her idea to life in the form of her new video clip for “Only Want You” in which she performs the addictive song while strolling and dancing through the heart of Hollywood. The clip captures the fresh spirit and buoyant charm of Skylar’s performance style.
“Skylar’s voice is extraordinary and her personality contagious,” says songwriter, producer and Chairman of Cherrytree Records Martin Kierszenbaum (Lady Gaga, Robyn, Sting). “In the studio Skylar’s a producer’s dream, he adds, “and on stage, she’s a born performer.”


As audiences continue to discover Skylar Stecker’s dynamic voice and as she prepares to launch her new single “Only Want You,” only more adventures will unfold for this musical young artist.



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