Steal Away

The band “Steal Away” was formed by brothers Matt (26) and Chris Babers (25). Originally from Tucson, Arizona, the brothers spent a few years up and down the California coast before settling in San Diego. In 2015, The Duo added bassist, Brandon Martin (23) and has become one of the most requested bands in San Diego and quickly burning a fire throughout Southern California performing at the House of Blues, San Diego, The Casbah, and the San Diego County Fair and many others blending elements from blues to pop, rock to country and everything in between, the melodic overtones and mesmerizing harmonies of the band are undeniably making a huge impact on the So Cal music scene. Steal Away has been compared to ‘The Talking Heads’! The band’s debut single ‘Once in a While’ charted on both Apple Music and iTunes in Brazil and Taiwan this past April 28, 2018.


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