Megan Nicole

With over 4 million subscribers and nearly 850 million views on YouTube, Megan Nicole is taking the music world by storm by out subscribing music giants such as Lorde, Christina Perri, Bebe Rexha & Harry Styles. After leaving Sean Diddy Comb’s Bad Boy Records/Interscope, Megan independently released her debut album Escape, in 2014, with an overwhelming response.

With a studio film, headlining tour, and original music under her belt, this multitalented artist is breaking boundaries and leading the merging force between traditional and new media. Megan is committed to using her influence and voice to promote positive global change. In March of 2016, Megan had the absolute honor of traveling to Argentina to interview the former First Lady of The United States, Michelle Obama, as a part of the Let Girls Learn Initiative. Showing no signs of slowing down, she released her original singles “Mascara” and “Play It Cool”, headed back on the road with both a national tour and multiple international performances, and expanded her philanthropic work with one of the most influential women in the world. She finished the year with an acting role on Awesomeness TV’s scripted series, Versus, and by partnering with Warner Brothers and DC Comics to be the face of their DC Super Hero Girls “Get Your Cape On” campaign aimed at encouraging empowerment, strength, and teamwork for young woman around the world.

After an incredible few years, Megan released her new studio EP My Kind of Party on February 9th, featuring 6 new, original tracks. Megan opens up in a way she hasn’t before, creating an album infusing her signature pop sound with a mix of R&B. The album takes listeners on a relationship journey, everything from seeing your crush and not knowing what to do, to the early happy stages, through to some of the trials and tribulations.

In addition to her new music, Megan has partnered with her stylist Julie Mollo (who is known for Katy Perry’s signature, quirky looks) to release a Confetti Heart Collection line of fun clothing and accessories. The collection, available now, includes a patch, brooches, earrings, a sweatshirt, a clutch, a tote, and t-shirts. The style is East Coast (Julie is from in Brooklyn, NY) meets West Coast vibes (Megan lives in Los Angeles, CA).

With infectious new music, a budding acting career, and an intimate relationship with her fans, Megan is an unstoppable force of empowerment.



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