IZÄR is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based R&B recording artist and performer – now residing in NYC. Pulling inspiration from urban pop artists, her music is fueled by her passion to create an outlet for young women and men to release toxic energy out of their lives. A dancer and performer since the age of two, IZÄR’s work as an artist is complimented by her commitment to all forms of the arts, including painting, sculpting, drawing and videography/production.

IZÄR (meaning “star”) digs deep to her core with lyrics that focus on self-confidence and self-awareness. “My music is all about inspiring people to not allow their hardships to define them, and never questioning if you’re good or strong enough.” Her extensive library of original songs bring a mix of sultry vocals and edgy lyrics together into an effective and effortless sound that perfectly highlights the musical message that she is portraying.

IZÄR’s musical style and work ethic is beyond her years, pushing the boundaries of the music industry with full intentions to leave her artistic mark on the world.

Find IZÄR on social media and hear her new EP “Destination IZÄR” available now, everywhere!



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