Tennessee Tina

Bringing a fresh sound to SoCal she playfully dubs New Americana, Tennessee Tina, the Memphis native (home of Al Green, Isaac Hayes, & Elvis Presley) has concocted a new brew. Chill hop beats and hazy soulful guitars provide the backdrop for lyrics that can be just as sweet as they are edgy and complicated. Influenced by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Janet Jackson, & Jamiroquai, she has cooked up a sound that respects the past. Her style as she describes it as “a gumbo of punk funk & muddy jazz steeped in pop-rock served out of a disco ball”. Inspired by Prince to become a multi-instrumentalist & producer, she’s determined to be one of San Diego’s most innovative live acts. Although she takes pride in never shaking her southern roots, we’re sure she’ll give us a new soundtrack for the city!



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