Lexi Anand

Lexi Anand is a singer and songwriter based in Naples, Florida. After writing her first song at the age of six, she was determined to accompany her own lyrics, so she taught herself to play the guitar and the piano. Now at age 15, Lexi’s music embraces that youthfulness, while also tapping into a depth well beyond her years.

Defined by her natural talent for storytelling, her sound is an unpredictable mix of pop, rhythm and blues, charming the listener into feelings of youth and innocence. Purposeful with each lyric and chord, her music is a part of pop culture that parents want their teenage daughters to embrace. In her world words have meaning, and embracing your journey with positivity is cool.

“I’m ok with just being my age. I don’t feel the need to be over dramatic, or over the top, or grow up too fast.”

Her seven-song EP is a glimpse into the diary of a 15 year old, featuring collaborations with Lil Eddie Serrano and David Rush. Her first release, BUBBLES explores the excitement of a teenage crush, and the feelings when that someone just isn’t that into you. Her second release, SUMMER LOVE is an acoustic pop ballad about meeting someone and falling head over heals in love.

A sophomore at Naples High School, Lexi has a strong education in creative writing, music theory and music composition after completing programs at the Interlochen center for the Arts, SOCAPA and The Berklee College of Music. Lexi has also performed at Carnegie Hall, Radio City and in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.