Angelina Alexon

Angelina Alexon is a fresh new POP singer that is exploding on the music scene. She possesses a 5 octave soprano vocal range, sings in 7 different languages and she’s also a dancer. She has over a quarter million following on her social media and her latest music video project, “One Girl 15 Voices” uses her amazing vocal range and technique to do impressions of 15 popular artists. It went VIRAL almost immediately after release. She was featured on the Elvis Duran Show, Music Crowns, R1L, Deezer, Huff Post, and more. 

 Angelina is also an amazing songwriter. She has recently released two of her original POP songs “Down For U” and “The Old Us” and is DEBUTING her Brand New single “ALL WE NEED” at the Super Girl Pro Surf Festival. 

Her previous single, solely written by her, was a pop Latino song entitled “AMOR”, which had radio play on numerous stations. Amor and its Club Mix version received rave reviews from club DJ’s nationally & internationally. It was at the top of many Latin record pool charts including US National Latin Dance Charts #2 on DJ TIMES Magazine, and resulted in several TV appearances including Univision and Telemundo.

 She has performed in various live music venues in New York City and Los Angeles and other high profile venues such as the US Capitol in DC. before members of Congress and the annual Muscular Dystrophy Gala in Manhattan. She also performed in numerous music festivals during the last couple of years throughout the US, including the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL, SpringBoard South in Houston, TX, Jersey Shore Music Festival, regular shows at Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, and making her debut at other hotels on the Las Vegas strip in 2019, including Paris Hotel and Casino and Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas. 


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