Supergirl Skate Pro

Come watch twenty of the world’s best female skateboarders compete on a unique course that features 8 individual elements designed to replicate a real street environment. The “Curb Queens” competition will feature skaters of all ages and showcase some of the best talent in female skateboarding. 2018 will be the 9th year of the Supergirl Skate Pro.



Supergirl Skate Pro Results:

    1. Kisa Nakamura
    2. Jordyn Barratt
    3. Poppy Starr Olsen
    4. Amelia Brodka
    5. Nicole Hause
    6. Spencer Breaux
    7. Arianna Carmona
    8. Zoe Safanda
    9. Bryce Wettstein
    10. Sky Brown
    11. Autumn Tust
    12. Rory Beaudoins
    13. Sierra Kerr
    14. Bella Kenworthy
    15. Ruby Trew
    16. Michelle Barnette

Previous Supergirl Skate Pro Results:

    1. Allysha Bergado
    2. Poppy Starr Olsen
    3. Brighton Zeuner
    4. Amelia Brodka
    5. Nicole Haus
    6. Jordyn Barratt
    7. Spencer Breaux
    8. Sierra Kerr
    9. Bryce Wettstein
    10. Jordan Beal
    11. Hunter Long