Supergirl Concert Series: Alexi Blue

Alexi Blue has been connected to music her whole life. First it was begging her parents for a guitar at age 10 and surpassing their expectations by working diligently to learn the craft. She went on to impress bar and club owners at age 12 by brazenly auditioning at open mic performances in her hometown of Los Angeles. Then she quickly gained attention from industry experts when she started writing songs at 12 and posted them online, earning 2,000 subscribers before the age of 14. It was clear that from an early age, music was, and is, her destiny.

Now at just 19 years old, she is beginning to fulfill that inevitable future. Alexi just dropped her brand new 3-song EP titled “TRI Me” and with this release, she has the opportunity to reach beyond her existing accomplishments to even greater heights. Her new songs are available on iTunes and Spotify, with official music videos for each song coming out on Youtube in the near future. She has earned a massive organically grown social media following, with over 1 MM Facebook likes, 446K YouTube subscribers with 13 MM views, and 255,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify. Her numbers and fans are sure to grow with the new tracks.

Alexi Blue’s fans have supported her every step of the way. Alexi believes that her fans are a vital part of her success, and is committed to each and every one. She notes, “I think I have such a close relationship with them because my songs connect with them. I write about my own personal experiences, and my fans and I are finding ourselves, growing up, and experiencing the same things in life together. What I think makes me different from some of the other emerging artists is that I write mainly about trusting your gut, loving yourself for who you are and standing true to your beliefs.”

Media has taken note of Alexi Blue as well. In a recent article, Perez Hilton stated that “Alexi Blue is still a teenager, but she’s definitely not making teeny bopper music. This is pop – pretty much hitting the middle of a bullseye – that is aimed at a mature audience.” Idolator also called her single “180” “a sweet pop ballad you should familiarize yourself with,” while J14 just wrote up Alexi Blue`s new “TRI Me” EP, acknowledging that her music encourages girls to be nothing but themselves.



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