Supergirl Concert Series: Cady Groves

CADY MAIN PR (1)Performing on Saturday, July 23 at 2:45p

Being the youngest of seven is perhaps the best training Cady Groves had coming into her musical career. When attention is needed, you demand it! And this Oklahoma-born firecracker collects fans daily, whether on tour or at home, showcasing her cooking skills via her wildly entertaining video series, Cooking With Cady.

Groves was inspired to follow her dreams of being a singer and songwriter after the death of her brother. She began to hone in on her songwriting, initially intending to present her work to other artists to record. But when a session vocalist failed to show up to a session she’d booked to record a batch of her latest songs, Groves sang them herself, with the encouragement of the engineers on the session. That material grew into Groves’ first independent EP, 2009’s A Month of Sundays.

Her first foray into writing proved to be advantageous quickly. Groves posted a song from A Month Of Sundays on MySpace and almost instantaneously landed a record deal, and a path to Los Angeles. It was in the City Of Angels where she wrote and recorded her debut EP, This Little Girl, and prepped for her dreams to become a reality – to be an accomplished singer. Yet the coming years were wrought with stereotypical major label sob stories, and ultimately, Groves asked to be released from her contract.

Yet the release of This Little Girl didn’t go unnoticed. Grove’s undeniable pop sensibilities and brutally frank lyrical content caught attention of media, as well as fans. Idolator wrote, “she’s poised for big things,” and have since followed her every step. So did her growing fan base.

Through the support of her quickly burgeoning admirers, Groves dedicated herself to continue her musical journey, regardless of hardships. Her sharply witty lyrics are mirrored in her Tweets and she’s been called “hilarious” on many occasion. That candor set her apart and allowed her to communicate with her fans directly, who have supported Groves through her transitions.

Groves resurfaced with new music in 2015 with the lauded Dreams EP on Vel Records. Her newfound confidence was evident, and her songs reflected it. Billboard deemed it “irresistible,” calling out the title track as a “buoyant pop song.” Groves said: “‘Dreams,’ is kind of my alternate personality shining through. It’s a chance for people to see the happy-go-lucky anything-can-happen Cady.”

Amidst her transition, she often leaned on her fans for support, and was insistent on dedicating this new EP, and new life chapter to them. “I know I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without the constant push from my fans,” she said. “This entire album is in their honor. Can’t wait to hold their hands and keep going.”

Dreams laid the foundation for a forthcoming yet-to-be-titled LP Groves is currently adding her finishing touches too. Borrowing much from her heartland roots, she reaches beyond, settling comfortably into her pop shoes, though never strays too far from her characteristic twang. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she chronicles her journey in the same manner we’ve grown accustomed to – honest. She tells us about the people she’s met, the places she’s seen, and the experiences she collected. Yet, this time it’s a little different. It’s bold, deeply personal, and uniquely Cady. And she’s not apologizing for it.