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Darcy Donavan is an American born actress and recording artist with a German, Italian and Brazilian ancestry. Born in Miami, Florida and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Darcy began her career in the entertainment industry as a child actor and starred in number of national television commercials at a very young age. Darcy started performing in children’s hospitals and raising money for charities in her hometown. She later competed in talent and beauty competitions, winning the title of Ms. Nashville, Tennessee.

Darcy appeared in roles for hit movies and television shows including, “Anchorman”, “My Babysitter’s a Vampire”, “Bones”,”Six Feet Under”, “Entourage”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Cult”, “All My Children”, “My Name is Earl”, “Las Vegas” and “Nip/Tuck”. Acting in film and television were only a few of Darcy’s passions. A now platinum selling recording artist, Darcy’s release of her first album had catapulted her singing career and enabled her to tour with well-known artists across the nation. Gaining worldwide recognition with a number of tracks off of her second album, “Distraction,” Darcy accumulated over twenty-million online listens, which helped her songs become the number one ringtone downloads across North America. Using a hybrid mix of hip-hop/pop influenced rap lyrics and silky, sultry vocals with pop club mixes, Darcy has no trouble getting listeners up out of their seats and ready to dance. In November 2014, Darcy dropped her latest single, “It’s My Life,” which charted in the top 100 Dance Billboard Charts in four countries.


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