Supergirl Concert Series: Alexi Blue

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Performing on Sunday, July 24 at 4:00pm

Alexi Blue is an emerging recording artist born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. At 18 years old, Alexi is definitely one to watch.  Her music genre is described as pop with an edge, and her pink hair is her signature look. Alongside her unique signature voice, Alexi Blue plays acoustic guitar and writes all of her own original music. When you listen to her songs you`ll notice she’s all about writing catchy hooks and connectible lyrics. Alexi wants her fans to be able to identify with her songs.  She currently has 5 original singles out (Wild Heart, Royalty, Kicked a Girl, 180, and I Don’t Wanna Wait) available on iTunes and spotify, with official music videos for each song out on Youtube. Alexi Blue has a massive organically grown social media following, with over 1 MM Facebook likes, 444K YouTube subscribers with 13 MM views, and over 630,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.  Alexi Blue calls her supporters her “blue stars” which is why you may notice that in all her videos, she wears a blue star symbol next to her eye to represent them. The popular music blog, Idolator, recently named Alexi Blue`s single “180” as  “A Sweet Pop Ballad You Should Familiarize Yourself With” and Twist magazine named Alexi Blue`s single “Royalty” as a song that`ll no doubt get “stuck in your head”.