Cause Partners

An important mission for the Supergirl Surf Pro is doing our part to raise awareness for and practice sustainability. As an event we strive to incorporate decisions that are both socially and environmentally responsible throughout the duration of the planning and organization processes. With concern for social, economic and environmental issues, the aim is to ensure that the Supergirl Pro is hosted responsibly and develops sustainable principals and practices year after year.

Boarding For Breast Cancer

Since the beginning, the Supergirl Pro has been partnered with Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), a youth-focused breast cancer education and prevention foundation. B4BC will be present at the event to promote early detection and a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means of breast cancer prevention.


Earth’s Oceans

For the past few years we have worked with the Earth’s Oceans Foundation to aid us both in keeping our beach and venue clean, and making sound decisions to foster eco-awareness and sustainable practices.

This year, with the assistance of the Earth’s Oceans Foundation and their amazing partners, we were able to provide a fun, educational activation for attendees at the Foundation’s booth. Activities included mural coloring, a sand sifter competition, and even a sunscreen exchange program that allowed visitors to swap their sunscreen for a reef-safe product, all to teach young consumers about recycling. One Love One Tribe was also present to help educate festival goers about the process of recycling plastics into clothing, and the Eco Warrior Foundation provided volunteers to assist in removing plastics from around the event site.


No Place for Hate

With public displays of hate on the rise, it is more important than ever for schools to commit to programs that clearly define expectations in behavior for all members of the community. Whether you are a student, educator, or family member, you have a role to play in combating bias and bullying as a means to stop the escalation of hate.